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School Organizations 

There are many opportunities for parents to be involved in Ellington School including the PTO.

The School Site Council (SSC) and English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC) are advisory committees that give input into matters that concern the school's academic programs and categorical budget allotments.  Council Members are elected by the parents and serve for 2 years.  Elections are held during the month of September.

We Welcome Visitors 

When visiting our school you must check into the office.  You will then be given a Visitor Pass.  You are welcome to visit, and we encourage you to volunteer.

If you need to check your child out early from school, please come to the office.  You will need to sign them out, and then we will arrange for them to come to the office.


Student drawing with crayons


General Information 


Appropriate School Dress 

All students need to follow the district dress code:

  • All clothing must be suitable for school: neat, clean, size appropriate, and in good repair
  • Shoes must have a closed-toe and a back
  • Clothing shall conceal undergarments at all times
  • Tops which are see through, halter, bareback, off the shoulder, low-cut, tank tops (under 2 inches wide), bare midriffs, and skirts or shorts shorter than mid-thigh are prohibited
  • Also prohibited are earrings below the ear lobe, hats (except on designated days), make-up, hair dye, perfume, and artificial fingernails
  • Clothing, jewelry, belt buckles and accessories shall be free of writing, pictures, or other insignias that:
  • are crude, violent, vulgar, profane, prejudicial or sexually suggestive
  • advocate drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
  • promote an affiliation with a group or gang

Behavior Policy

Ellington School is committed to offering its students a quality education. To accomplish this, we have set certain expectations for our students.

  1. Ellington students follow directions.
  2. Ellington students treat each other with respect.
  3. Ellington students dress appropriately.
  4. Ellington students use school equipment for its intended purposes.
  5. Ellington students leave personal items at home.
  6. Ellington students take pride in their school.

Student Responsibilities for Homework

  1. Listen carefully to teacher's directions and ask questions if something is not understood.
  2. Take home assignments and all necessary materials.
  3. Complete assignments carefully and neatly.
  4. Share assignments and completed work with parent/guardian.
  5. Return assignments to teachers as requested.

Parent Responsibilities for Homework

  1. Show a positive and active interest in homework.
  2. Provide a specific uninterrupted time and quiet place in which to work.
  3. Teach students methods to organize their work and time.
  4. Review completed assignment, give encouragment and praise for work well done.
  5. Contact teacher if there are questions or concerns about homework assignments. 

Reward Program

Ellington recognizes Students of the Month and Exemplary Eagles at monthly assemblies. Perfect Attendance Awards are also given. End of the Year Perfect Attendance Awards recognize students who have been at school and on time every day. Perfect attendance means students are at school on time everyday and for the whole day. In addition, there is an Honor Roll for grades 4-8.

Drop Off

Students who are eating breakfast at school may arrive at 7:45 am. Students who are not eating should arrive no earlier than 8:00 am. Playground supervision is provided beginning at 8:00. Please do not drop students off prior to these times.  

School begins at 8:15 am. Parents must exit the playground at 8:10 a.m. so students can focus on learning as they head to their classrooms.




A menu is sent home monthly with students.  The cost of lunch is $1.50.  Students who wish to only purchase milk may do so for $.30.  Please remember to fill out a new lunch application if you think your child would qualify for free or reduced lunch.  The cost for reduced lunch is $.25.The cost for breakfast is $1.00.  If your child receives free or reduced lunch, this would also apply to breakfast.  Applications may be picked up in the office.



Parking Lot

The parking lot is for drop off and pick up only. Please enter though the north drive way and exit through the east driveway. Parents with handicap placards will be permitted to enter through the east or exit driveway. Please do not enter the parking lot from the exit unless you have a handicap permit. Parents who volunteer in the classroom, or who need to pick up their child, will be able to utilize the parking lot during the day.  Also, please do not honk your horn for students to come to the car. It is unsafe and disturbs our neighbors.